App recommendation for Testathon

Hello everyone,

we are planning to organize a testathon in the company I’m working in.
Is there any chance you can suggest apps that can be tested during this event?

We would be very happy to use an app that will benefit from the results of our testathon and will improve their product based on found issues.
Huge thanks

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Hi! I was just trying out this app that is in beta and may have some juicy bugs to find :slight_smile:

It’s free while in Beta and only works on Mac though.

Hi @ursulica,

Running testathon in your company seems very interesting !
I wonder if you could give us steps and preparation how to make this event happen ? and how many hours it requires ?

Hey @ursulica, someone whispered to me that you’re looking for an app to test. What kind of apps are you looking for? I’ve built a job board that focuses exclusively on remote jobs, for Romania, and it could use some testing.

I’d love to know what’s the deadline for these apps and if you’re also considering web apps.

Thanks a bunch!

@shafiq, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add to my list. huge thanks :slight_smile:

@emna_ayadi I’m happy that other people are exciting about such an activity and I’m not the only one :slight_smile: I just started the process of planning, so not much to share so far, but let’s catch up in several weeks and I can offer more details how it’s going

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@oprearocks we’ll have 2 rounds: 1 for testing mobile app and 1 for testing web app, testing event will be in autumn so if it’s fine for you let’s discuss more details.

P.S. I like your nickname :slight_smile:

Nice ! So share your story once established ! many testers are waiting for it :wink:

Wish you all the best :smile: