Test application challenge

Hello, I have a plan to start a project/website where it would be possible to test your testing skills.
It would contain challenges/tasks to find bugs in applications which are designed to contain different errors.
The purpose would be to help testers to understand and experience different kind of possible failures, but also just to have a fun place where to explore the great world of testing.

I have created a simple demo application, which probably contains some issues.
It is a simple โ€œGPS applicationโ€ located at https://testville.wufoo.com/forms/gps-navitest-2018-edition/ - created with SurveyMonkey Wufoo tool.

Feel free to try it out (and report the bugs :slight_smile: ) and also share your thoughts about such possible website.



We provide training in manual, Automation, API and Performance Testing. As part of the training we are always looking for real project to test and write automation tests against. Is it possible to sign up as a team or do we get our interns to sign up directly? Please let me know and if possible I would love to have a conversation about other projects you may have for testing.


The page in the link above is not found but if you are interested in a testing site this one by Claudiu has some fun challenges.


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Thanks a lot that is certainly very useful :slight_smile: