Greeting fellow tester [Is the a plateform where i could practice manual testing]

I was wondering is there plateforms similar to the ones i see around the cybersecurity industry like (try hack me, hack the box, etc …) where there are challenges, and structured learning paths, for complete beginners, and you can go up from there.
For the software testing case : mock websites, or apps, where the challenge is to catch as much bugs as possible, and answer the appropriate amount of questions related to that room, and move on the next level, or next room.
That would be a fun way to learn software testing.


Heya and welcome to MoT!

I once listed some here: Any good web site for test automation practice? - #2 by kristof

Feel free to pick whatever you like of course, whatever serves your needs most! :slight_smile:
If you want some challenges:


Hi there, @rafk333,

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And thanks for asking on here. :sunglasses:

Feel free to check out this wiki post:

Keep an eye on the Junior Tester Curriculum. We’re building a community-led curriculum with structured learning paths.