My collection of Dummy sites - Practical testing for beginners

For my own purpose I’ve gathered the list of Dummy sites for freshers/beginners, mostly manual practice, but not exclusively. I hope it’ll be helpful.

Dummy Sites and Collections

  1. DemoQA (
  • This site is quite good for understanding basic concepts such as alerts and frames. However, without a mentor assigning tasks and reviewing results, I wouldn’t have known how to test effectively.
  1. WebDriver University (
  • This one seemed too complex, and I couldn’t figure out how to use it. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, or perhaps it is genuinely difficult for beginners.
  1. AcademyBugs (
  • I found this site very useful, as it offers videos illustrating the bug-finding process. I watched all available content, but there’s no opportunity to practice here.
  1. Sauce Demo (
  • A mobile app with bugs that are easy to spot, but unclear what to do next. There’s no feedback on how to document these bugs. I noted them on paper, but what’s the next step? Access to the app’s code was unclear. I only have an Android phone and don’t know how to test on an iPhone.
  1. Ministry of Testing (Ministry of Testing | Ministry of Testing)
  • Recommended for its vast amount of training information (in English) and online and offline events, which I plan to attend to enhance my practical skills.
  1. Evil Tester (Applications to Practice Testing and Automating -
  • A resource with links to small applications that can be clicked, tested, and even bugs found. However, it also lacks interactivity and understanding of what and why I am doing it.

Additional Interesting Trainers

  1. QA Trainer Jschool (
  • I found this resource on YouTube, and it meets my initial practice needs. It shows what to test and provides interactive guidance, which is convenient for the learning process. I loved their test case generator with various categories, and no registration is needed. However, it seems to be in the startup phase.
  1. Testing Challenges (
  • A decent site, but it appears to be no longer maintained. Not all challenges are understandable.

Accessibility Testing Links

Here is a collection of links for accessibility testing, which involves checking a website’s usability for people with disabilities, such as color blindness or cognitive impairments.

  1. Welcome to CityLights! [Inaccessible Home Page]
  3. Travel by train and bus made easy | Dream Destination
  5. Mars Commuter: Travel to Mars for Work or Pleasure!

Feel free to share the sites you’ve found useful!


Here is a Dummy banking site ‘Para Bank’ owned by Para Soft.

It’s a decent site which can be used to practice automation testing. The only issue is that the site is not stable and the DB is automatically flushed every 10 minutes or so. So all your stored data goes kaput.

But worth a try.

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I once did setup an automation suite on parabank but a few days later the site went down.

interesting list here @jschool
May i also offer another site that I have used to setup some automation learning repos on my github:

The best thing about this is you get to hit the API as well! So anyone looking to learn Playwright, this is will be very beneficial for them.

That is exactly the problem with the site. It’s not stable and the DB auto-flushes every 10 minutes.

Should one start testing by learning how to make automations?