Any good web site for test automation practice?

I’m currently working as a test engineer.
I do manual tests and also write some automated testing scripts.
I’m planning to further my career as a test automation engineer.
Is there any good web site for test automation?
The scripts I wrote are for my current company. I don’t think they are posted public in Github.
I would make some automated testing scripts and post on Github for the portfolio.

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There are many websites available, depending on what you like to automate.
For example

I would advise to just setup something for yourself so it doesn’t change over the years.

These offer you many different automation strategies: UI , UI with Angularjs, Rest, Rest Microservices, GraphQL, …

I hope you find what you are looking for!

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Thank you sir!
You are hero :wink:

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Hi @jeonghan_choi :wave:

There’s a thread here on The Club with a list of practice sites too :grin: