How are verification and validaton practically applied using tools to test final product?

I am struggling to find a good technical/practical example of a product (website, banking, software) verification and validation.

Is there a good literature or an article that thoroughly describes the process of implementing verification or validation checks not just in theory, but also in practice with output results?

Which fake dummy websites are the best to test verification and validation on?

Which frameworks are used for verification and validation? Is Selenium the best framework to use as of now or are there other good frameworks with less examples?


Hi @neitrino

Some example sites to test on:

Selenium is not the best nor the worst. It totally depends on what you are testing really. Everybody has his or hers own preference.

  • Don’t use ‘contains’, use ‘equal to’.
  • Try to avoid xpath and use other locators.
  • … the list goes on and on

I think you are searching for a tutorial or a full course. Which might get the job done.
There are a lot of courses available online about the framework of your choice. You can search on for example on:

  • Udemy
  • Youtube

Hope it helps a bit!

Kind regards