Are there UI/UX Testers

Are there UI/UX testers, so we can share experience?

We don’t have any dedicated UI/UX testers, however we do have a UX team at work who discuss the user experience of all our products. There is a representative from each team, and include a mixture of developers and testers.

Sounds good. I am also a member of the UX-Team

I’ve recently written a blog post about how software testers should think about the end-user when testing software, ensuring that they have a positive user experience. I used the latest episode of game of thrones as an example.


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Welcome to the Club, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Would you be able to share what skills and activities define a UI/UX tester? I imagine there are people on the Club who have similar experiences but might not identify with the role name, but may identify with the challenges you face.

- Mark

I’m what I’d regard as a general software tester, which is to say I don’t consider myself as specializing/focused in any one area. I think testers can learn sub-specialisms to a certain extent so with that in mind I undertook a relatively small paid-for job on Upwork to perform usability testing as part of a university’s research. NOTE: I’d consider ‘usability’ to be the UI part of the UI/UX (or at least closely related to it).

My brief was to evaluate certain parts of 2 websites using the following: Basically I researched to find several examples of each of the 10 heuristics, then performed my assessment on the 2 websites under test. I produced a report detailing the issues I found related back to the heuristics. The client was impressed with the work, so the approach seemed to be a good one. I think I’d use it again if I was to take on a similar task in future. I’d definitely not consider myself as a UI tester … just a general tester who has gained a little experience in UI and is keen to learn more.

Per @mwinteringham’s point, the skills/activities I felt were useful in my piece of work were:

  1. Research and decision-making skills to determine an overall approach for UI testing and how best to add value using it when I had not really performed this before
  2. Keen eye for detail when performing the UI testing and regular referral back to the Nielsen heuristic
  3. More general tester skills for bug writeup and client communication

Hope this may be of interest to you @yuku and welcome to the community!


I think I would also describe myself as a ‘general software tester’ while also being part of the UX team at work. Anyone involved in software development (including testers and developers) should keep user experience and usability in mind when developing software. It is just one part of the software testing role.

The difference between usability and user experience is an interesting one. I once heard someone define them in this way: Usability is how well the user can use the application, user experience is if the user gets value from using the application.

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I also do the same work and also a member of the UI/UX testing team…

You can check here:

and also please share your valuable knowledge It will helpful for me


I have not been doing this for long. I started in September, 2019. One of the most repeated themes I see when studying or reading about testing techniques is being the advocate for the customer. That could mean a lot of things really. I have come up with a methodology that I am currently building my habits around.

Customer Mode
Ask yourself: Who is using this software?

  1. Customer
  2. Support Reps
  3. Etc
    Why are they using the software?


  1. Read All Verbiage on every button,tool-tip, dialogue box.
  2. Click every button and make sure it does what it is suppose to do
  3. Follow every path and make sure if goes where it needs to go
    Meanwhile asking yourself does this make sense? Is there a smarter way? Is this secure?

I realize there is so much more I could add, but I think you get the gist. We are all advocates for the customer and we should see ourselves as wearing many hats. Software Tester/Product /UI/UX etc. For me personally nothing makes me happier at the moment then getting improvements pushed through for our customer support team. Something as simple as adding middle click (new tab) features to certain pages makes all the difference in your support reps day.

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