Article about the modern testing principles

I wrote an article for the TestProject’s blog, on the topic of modern testing:


Is the linked book the origin of MTP? Or the source somewhere else?
Like the agile manifesto.

Its from here or?
This is the origin? Do you mind linking that?

I hear that podcast of Alan and Bart from time to time and often disagree.
At least its hard for me to understand their perspective and arguments.


Hey, @sebastian_solidwork I’m not sure if it’s the sole origin of MTP, but I did notice some similarities and I think Alan and Brent were inspired by the book is by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin and it’s available on Amazon - unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a non-paper version, but it’s a great book though, it has aged really well.

I forgot to add, Lisa and Janet have an article on their blog about modern testing:

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