Ask Me Anything: Test Reporting

If you’re including this information, you’re on the right track. It’s much easier to deliver good news than bad news. Like any test report, providing an example and asking for feedback from your audience can guide you.

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It depends. For a standup, i might prepare for a few minutes to deliver 30 seconds of reporting. At a crunch time for a project, reporting tends to take more of my time than testing.


I have some questions about how your clients log bugs and how they end up in your backlog, including:

  • Are severity and priority the same thing?
  • Is there a product owner filtering some of this feedback?

It does sound like your pesky clients need a separate section in your report.

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I am still wondering this myself. An upcoming course from the Ministry of Testing is aiming to provide one solution to this problem.

I’ve done conference talks, ensemble sessions where you’re testing together, joined panel discussions, written articles and blog posts, and tweeted about bugs I find as a terrible bug magnet. I’ve seen other great exploratory testers like @maaret, @lisihocke, @j19sch, Ben Simo, and Alex Schladebeck do the same.

Note also that building a portfolio is not required.


Hi, thanks for answering to this query, can you please share the details about the course you mentioned? Many thanks :slight_smile: