Automation tool for both web and mobile

I’m wondering which tool to use to test the web, Android, and iOS (both React-Native based) in one fell swoop. If possible I’d rather avoid using two or three separate tools for each of these platforms.

What automation tool and/or framework can be used for testing on all these platforms?

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sorry, but, totally off-handed link to some pointers on mobile code and automation by facebook for mobile Reliable Code at Scale

Webdriverio is the tool using you can automate web and mobile app together.

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Hi @mirza Definitely testRigor! It not only allows you to run multiple mobile and web sessions at the same time in one test, it’s also allows to seamlessly test email, 2FA, etc. Disclaimer: I’m the testRigor cofounder.

I don’t know if you can really & effectively automate web + mobile with just one tool, depending on the tool you use. But you can at least automate web + mobile with one interface (and programming/scripting language) by using tools that follow the WebDriver API, for example: Appium for mobile and Selenium for web. You can use test frameworks that support those tools (like RobotFramework as an example) so that you can manage it all with one framework. Or you can also build your own around use of the WebDriver APIs in your language of choice.

Anything using the screenplay pattern like Serenity BDD or serenity-js.

you’d set up webdrivers and appdrivers as abilities of an actor and then can use both in the interactions in your script.

Depending on the language you want to use I see the below options

  • Javascript - Webdriver IO
  • Java - Serenity BDD
  • Python - Robot Framework

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