Awesome Testing Is

Awesome testing is… (aside from awesome obviously) - I’ve gathered your answers from Twitter and LinkedIn. Definitely a wide range of answers, some include a happy dance

“Inclusive and informative” - Matthew Parker

“what happens when you are nowhere near a computer #AlwaysThinkingOfTheUser” - Amy Newton

“Proving a developer wrong when they are adamant it’s user error which caused the bug in their code!” - Kieron Speed

“Catching issues due to complexities of data, conditions that devs or PO didn’t think of!” - Swati Shah

“Creative, meaningful and collaborative activities around the software products where testers are having fun! :thinking::blush:” - Gladys T

“A collaborative approach to deliver a quality product to end users. Make the workflow fluid!” - Sachin Uplaonkar

“Providing the right information so decisions can be made that helps ensure everyone who wants to can use the software is inclusive and has value to both users and the business” - Ady Stokes

“Finally finding an issue that was not replicable! I know what I saw, I’m not crazy! :)” - Ileana Herrera

“Thoughtful and adaptive, constantly improving and building on itself.” - Daniel Sanchez

"finding a defect and then performing the defect dance " - Rick Gilby

“When tester understands what he/she is testing” - Priyanka C.

“Finding defects that crash the application flow…Awesome testing is enhancing the quality of applications with 0.001% defect leakage during production…” - Abirami T.

What do you think Awesome Testing is?

Leading a project team to succeed in pace, quality, and value!

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Sorry. I first read the title of this thread as if it were a statement from Test Ninja Yoda. :slight_smile:


Me too! “Awesome testing is. Do or do not. There is no try.”

Which leads me to wonder what the Dark Side of the Test might look like.


“I find your lack of test scripts disturbing.”

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