What makes good testing? Wrong answers only

Because we all need a bit of a chuckle, we decided to ask you on Twitter and LinkedIn. There were some cracking answers

If the website loads, release it.

automate everything and ignore manual testing

World class gatekeeping etiquette and standards

Following ISO 29119, strictly and only.

Test everything

Writing as many bug reports per day as you can.

“A user would never do THAT”


Doing everything to break the object under test, no matter how extreme it is or how much time and effort it takes.

Just move quickly and get the job done.

A whole lot of test cases to follow by the letter.

Lots of bugs
Also, no bugs

There should not be automated, better test manually

Developer said it works on their machine. Good enough for me!

Use real user data from production as test data

Having a single QA over a good (let’s say 8) number of developers! Because apparently, anybody can test and assure quality

The Donald says fewer tests means fewer bugs. That good testing, right? Bigly.

Making testers oppositional and adversarial gatekeepers of quality or releases.

Good testing is when customer(stakeholders) reports an issue and replying it with “Issue is already being reported” with the link of ticket id.

Sitting back and watching as the train heads towards that tight corner at full speed. Waiting to reveal, “I told you that would happen”!

Refuse to test anything until every requirement is specified down to the tiniest detail

If you find a critical bug 2 hours before the sprint is due to go to prod, make sure you log a bug as critical (maybe with the word CRITICAL in the title, just to be sure). That way some developer (or somebody) will see it and do something about it.

Happy Path is working.

Make sure there are no bugs by tomorrow!

Now you - What makes good testing? Wrong answers only


Merging straight to master. No code review, no unit tests, all in, press go


100% code coverage. Nothing less is good.


Only testers can assure quality.


Devs can’t test their own code.


Full end to end tests for everything.
We haven’t validated if users even want this let’s get a comprehensive test suite around it.


I mean, if we’re going to go this far, might as well push directly to master and skip the branch/merge. Changes that no one knows about are the best! :stuck_out_tongue:


if all written test cases pass, the product is good.


Keep repeating automated tests until they pass.


Do a count of the number of lines of code. There should be 26 defects for every 1000 lines of code. If less, QA isn’t doing a good job. If more, Developers aren’t doing a good job.

Reward developers for fixing bugs rather than writing good code.


Automation Skills only


That sounds painful, definitely a good example of “good” testing right there :laughing:

Or turn off failing automation, because clearly it’s broken and not doing its job.

It’s always great to test the application layer before you’ve verified the physical layer is working :slight_smile:

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It is an absolute imperative that bananas be used in your test validation.


One more. Run all the regression tests, regardless of what has changed and which things that change is related to.

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Show me in the requirements where it says it’s supposed to work that way (end date can’t be less than the start date, date validation, etc.).

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You don’t need to test the service pack we released to production.

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