Azure DevOps Test Management

How do you get to know a new tool and become and expert in a short space of time

Especially if the tool being used has been implemented incorrectly and has a lot test debt, where there are tests from 2019 which are showing as active or not run.

Anyone who has used ADO to a good level hit me up I need help

hi Varun,

Many tools have free ressources and guidelines online, see youtube, PluralSight, TestautomationU etc. Still you can never becomes an expert in no time, but you can read up on other peoples experiences and practices. :slight_smile:

consider that the people using the tool tried to their best ability and knowledge at the time to use the tool effectively. Perhaps they where novel in the use too? or didn’t have time/bandwidth to do it “correctly”. In situations like this I reflect on the Jerry Weinberg quote “Things are the way they are because they got that way” and try to forgive them.

If it’s not important enough leave it (consider: Should we just delete it). at least as a refelection that since 2019 these tests have not been important enough to wrap up. Also consider if an audit came by and asked - why did you now update these :slight_smile:

ADO is just a tool - and it promotes one way of organising your tests and things. Work with ADO as a team to establish how you make it yours - balancing what ADO provides and what you want as a team.

Besides that I’m no ADO expert - others might be for a deep dive.

Thanks Jesper, very similar views to mine, I don’t believe there is such a thing as an expert just someone who can use it enough to do there job they need.

I have used all mentioned resources but nothing specific about test planning structure I guess it is subjective and how as an organisation we want to do it

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