BBST: Usefulness

I like to self study BBST course from BBST website: BBST Courses

Will that still be useful at present day’s context?

Hello abir, to answer your question very much depends on your context. For example, if you are new to testing this is one way to gain some knowledge of the basics. But if you are not new and working in an agile methodology environment you might be better served getting Janet and Lisa’s Agile Testing book.

If you are looking for an introduction to software testing then a google search yields links to many such articles. Of course if you want certification then that’s a whole other story! Can you offer some background on why you chose this? Then we might be able to offer better responses, thanks.

Hello @abir!

I completed the BBST course series and thought it the best testing education experience available. I found it applicable regardless of the development methodology, and immediately usable in my projects.

In my opinion, the skills and concepts focus on testing concepts and techniques. They are taught in a development methodology-agnostic manner which is why I believe they are still relevant. One of the best learnings, I thought, was encouraging students to reflect on the testing challenge in the context of information objectives rather than prescribed techniques.

I agree with @adystokes that certification might be a different journey. I believe BBST offers some acknowledgement of the completion of the four courses but may not call it a certification. For my money, it was worth more than any certification.



Thanks ady,

No, I am not new in testing, I do not work in agile methodology environment and I am not looking for certification. I came to know about BBST through internet.

But I like to broaden my knowledge on software testing.

You can suggest me if you like.

Thanks Joe,

Can you please suggest me about some other similar resources?

Hello @abir!

Sorry for the delay - MoT has many resources for learning. Check out the Learn link on the MoT home page.


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