Belfast Coderetreat - Saturday

(Keith Maxwell) #1

I mentioned this at the Software Testing Clinic Belfast last night. The link is

Saturday will be our attempt to bring the Global Day of Code Retreat to Belfast.

We are really pleased to have a great venue in central Belfast, thanks to Flexera our sponsor.

This event is free to attend and only requires you have a little experience and pay a £5 deposit which you will get back on the day. Full details are on the EventBrite page (link above).

I know two or three people from our Software Testing Clinic have signed up already! Any questions, please give me a shout.

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(Gerard) #2

Looking forward to this. See you all Saturday. :sunglasses:


(Gerard) #3

Just wanted to post a quick update with some feedback:

There were 6 45-min pair-programming sessions to construct a program using a differrnt constraint each time. Examples of constraints: must take a test first approach (TDD), must have no more than 4 lines of code per method, must take an object-oriented approach, or must start your effort using another group’s code. I got to work with folks in these languages: C#, Go, Python and Rust (yes, Rust :smile: … never even heard of it before!). It was a very interesting and informative day with these highlights:

  • Thanks to @keith.maxwell for facilitating and Flexera for sponsoring
  • I learned how much more performant I can make my code after several iterations of the exercises, and I got to see and learn from the approaches others take
  • I was surprised by how quickly I could ‘get’ the other languages
  • What I will do differently after the meetup: work with other languages more: Python and Java definitely

Other takeaways:

  • How to do TDD in a real-world sense
  • The importance of testability and how TDD really helps with this
  • The value of tester and developer pair programming/designing
  • How in a real-world sense to write code for humans, not computers, and how important this is

Highly recommended for testers with an automation/coding interest if you have the opportunity to go to one in future!