Big Call For Papers - Day 7 - Writing our first draft

Welcome to The Big Call For Papers

We’re here to help increase your chances of being selected for one of our 2022 TestBashes.

Helping with writing your abstract

Ok, so we have an idea of what to share. We know what TestBash we want to submit to. It’s now time to start writing our abstract.

Abstracts are tricky. In our experience, an abstract is more likely to be rejected because it isn’t clear what the submission is about or why it’s valuable for an attendee to listen to it. However, there are techniques and options available to us to help make sure our abstracts are nice and clear and we’ll go through them over the next week or so.

For now, though, we need to start somewhere and there are some common anti-patterns in abstract writing that we can avoid straight away. We captured some of them in this 99 Minute Workshop lesson. Take a look and then let’s get into the next activity:

Today’s activity - Let’s create a first draft abstract

It’s time to make the first attempt at your abstract. The goal here is not to worry about getting it perfect, but to get the words on a page. Therefore for this activity:

“First, write down a rough first draft of your abstract, then watch the YouTube video we’ve shared on abstract writing. Once you’ve watched it, review your abstract and make the necessary changes”

Need help? Want feedback?

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And we’ll see how we can help.

- Mark, OpsBoss @ Ministry of Testing