Bookmarking progress on the automation courses

I may have just missed this but is there a way to bookmark where you are in the course for when you return to it?

My memory isn’t what it used to be and I’ve resorted to a sticky in my notebook for now :see_no_evil:


Good question @markingram84! Bookmarking is not yet a feature within Certificates. However, it’s in our backlog, along with a bunch of other useful features. For now, you can continue where you left off by visiting the “Continue” section of the MoT homepage, which shows your most recent section of an in-progress course.

Thanks for your question; we will continuously enhance our certification courses, so all your feedback and questions are very helpful :automator:


Oh, I hadn’t noticed that on the homepage (I’ve been going between the Club and the course directly) so thanks for letting me know!

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Hi Mark - we’ve added bookmarking to Certification Paths and Lessons. Hope it’s useful. Graham