C# for Mobile or web application is better or Java

Help in having the best Language to work with the Certification Course as Accepted by around the World

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Hello @pavan_n!

The choice of language for an application may depend, in part, on the existing capabilities or talent within an organization, available talent in the market place, and tools that support the language.

In my opinion, language is not a primary factor in developing an application. An organization may assess business needs and work with IT to create plans. IT may either review the marketplace for tools that can best implement the plans, or use existing tools to implement the plan.

Lastly, learning any language will expose you to programming concepts that are universal in many languages. In my opinion, the programming concepts will serve you better since you can adapt them to a language.



Java and C# are very similar - so if you choose one, you’d be pretty quickly able to switch to the other should the organization need it