Learning Automation

As someone who wants to learn Automation testing, what programming language is the best to start with?


There is no single right answer, what’s important is that you stick to one language once you start learning and keep using that language for a while - until you get really comfortable with it.

For example:

  • Python - beginner-friendly and pretty readable syntax
  • Java - widely used for automation so there are a lot of resources for it
  • JavaScrip - the language of the web, there’s a growing demand and if you’re testing a web app learning JS for automation is like killing two birds with one stone: you use it to automaton but also get a better understanding of how web works, frontends especially

Also, think about what language the developers are using for the product you’re testing. If you chose the same language for automation the devs could support you with their knowledge when you’re working on your automation framework.

This course will give you a broad picture of coding - test automation is coding after all:

Personally, I’d recommend starting with Java since it’s well established and it’s very likely that most of the issues you encounter while practicing automation have already been solved by someone - just google the issue and you will likely find your answers on sites like StackOverflow. Reddit - or here at the Club!

I’m not sure if you for a pro account here, but this Java introduction course is a good place to start:

For free courses, check TAU, there are paths for API and UI automation with Java:

Angie Jones does a good job at explaining core Java there and how to make a UI testing framework with Java and Selenium - not the newest tools, but, well-known and still in high demand.

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