Call for Content - Podcast guests - 12th April - EXPIRED

Type: Podcast

What we are looking for:

We’re looking for two or three people to join us for a podcast discussion on Exploratory testing. The format will be one of our podcast hosts will facilitate a group discussion around the topic in which the group can freely discuss what they like.

Deadline to submit: 26th February 2021

Deadline for publication: 12th April 2021

How to get involved:

If you would like to join the podcast you can express interest by replying to this thread. Or you can email me at


UPDATE - After careful consideration we’ve decided to update the topic to Exploratory testing

More than happy to be a guest Mark :smiley:

Thanks for that @cakehurstryan I’ve jotted you down. Would you mind emailing me at so I have your contact details.

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Hi @mwinteringham

I’m keen to be a guest.

Do you need any more info from me?

Let me DM you @deament

UPDATE - Thank you for everyone has gotten in touch. We now have our guests and will be closing this call