Testing Treasure Maps: The Art of Crafting Charters with Jenna Charlton

For our fourth talk of TestBash Home 2021, @cupcake_tester takes to the stage to take us on an adventure through how to use charters and heuristics in your exploratory testing.

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the talk and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Questions we didn’t get to

  1. Paul Naranja > Can Automation support your Exploratory testing?

  2. Simon Rigler > I had a great experience walking through my ET findings with a dev team - we found even more stuff in the walkthru. How about a pair or team ET session?

  3. Seth Reyes > What do you think about that a non-QA person in a team were the responsible of doing exploratory testing? What would you recommend to do?

  4. Simon Rigler > Would a pair or whole-scrum team ET session work?

  5. Zoltan Ertekes > How does the exploratory testing approach change regarding the level where we execute it?

  6. Lilla Kovacs > When you record, do you also narrate it?

  7. Neha Chopra > How can we use automation for exploratory testing?

  8. Ben Dowen > What is the most fun you have had getting lost in the woods? (While exploring)

  9. Louise Barnes > When you’re time boxed to running known tests, how do you make time for exploratory testing?

  10. Anne-marie Charrett > anyone ideas how to catch notes for compliance ?

  11. David Laing > have you ever used exploratory in regression or has it always just been during sprints

  12. Kim Patterson > How early do you design your charter e.g. sprint preparation or in sprint or other?

  13. Kashyap Mehta > If you are a sole automation tester in squad, do you spend time exploring more or automating?

Resources mentioned

Explore It https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Explore-Increase-Confidence-Exploratory-Testing/dp/1937785025/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3JWM86MZNAT6X&dchild=1&keywords=explore+it&qid=1623966673&sprefix=explore+it%2Caps%2C157&sr=8-5

Bug Magnet

Cards for Humanity https://cardsforhumanity.idean.com/

Learning how to learn

TestBuddy https://testbuddy.co/

Steps recorder Record steps to reproduce a problem

Great article from Elizabeth Zagroba How To Use Mind Maps To Develop Clarity With Your Software | MoT

Alex Schladebeck’s latest experience from a workshop moving from test cases to exporatory testing: https://twitter.com/alex_schl/status/1402187839295700993

Hawthorne Effect Hawthorne effect - Wikipedia

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