Learning Through Exploration, A Conversation with Alexandra Schladebeck & Huib Schoots

For our first session at TestBash Netherlands, we were joined by @alex_schl and @huib.schoots for a conversation about exploratory testing.

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Access the Session at 10:45 AM here:

@Alex, @Huib, in the present circumstance where almost everyone is working from home, any examples of how it worked with

  1. exploring with developers within a sprint

  2. exploring with users for acceptance testing

  3. effective ways of doing mob exploratory testing from home

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In teams that practice continuous delivery, do you see exploratory testing as part of the release process or as a separate activity?


Suppose we are exploring a scenario or a charter by mob exploratory testing, with say 4, 5 people including a facilitator.
What are the best practices regarding

  1. after how much time shall we change the navigator/driver? (5/10 min? after each charter? other?)
  2. best way to document the findings so feed back and tracability is possible
  3. how to do this when working from home

we tried sessions like this lately. But screen sharing, document findings and sharing it etc, was a bit of a challenge. Would like to know about your experience.

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Here’s the link I mentioned : https://www.infoq.com/news/2020/01/remote-mob-testing/