What's new and interesting in the world of exploratory testing?

What new, interesting and wonderful things have you come across in the world of exploratory software testing?

I asked this on the MoT Slack, here’s some of the answers:

How To Explain #ExploratoryTesting in 5 Minutes - https://wp.me/p6JWGE-s2 @kristine

The Six Thinking Hats of Exploratory Testing - https://www.planittesting.com/us/insights/2018/six-thinking-hats-of-exploratory-testing

All roads lead to exploratory testing - http://www.womentesters.com/all_roads_lead_to_et/

How to Know What to Test: Testing IRL Part 1 - https://www.cassandrahl.com/blog/how-to-know-what-to-test-testing-irl-part-1/ @cassandrahl

TestBuddy! https://testbuddy.co/ - @simon_tomes

Also there’s a Twitter thread and a LinkedIn version too!


Mob Testing is awesome to use individual exploration powers in different ways.

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We recently tried some exploration testing as a team activities inspired by content and conversations at TestBash Brighton and Essentials. I wrote about it on my blog.

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