TestBash Revisited: Exploratory Testing with the Team, a Journey Worth Taking

In our final TestBash revisited of Exploratory Testing week, @mwinteringham will be joined by @maaike.brinkhof to revisit Maaike’s TestBash Brighton Essentials 2019 talk - Exploratory Testing with the Team, a Journey Worth Taking.

If you’d like to continue the discussion from the session, or you thought of more questions you’d like to ask after the session, add it all to this thread :grin:


Links from the chat:

Maaike’s Testers’ Island Disc Testers' Island Discs Ep19 - Maaike Brinkhof | MoT

Paul’s Testers' Island Discs Ep 3 - Paul Grizzaffi | MoT

Maaike was part of a recent discussion with Elizabeth zagrobe and Jitesh Gosai on critical thinking - very closely tied to ET Discussion: Critical Thinking | MoT

Explore It book

If folks are wondering what Charters are: 99 Second Introduction to Charters | MoT

This article has lots of info to help you understand how to implement heuristics Software Testing Heuristics: Mind The Gap! | MoT

Maaike has a great course on Cognitive Biases Cognitive Biases In Software Testing | MoT

Maaike on Twitter https://twitter.com/Maaikees

the github mentioned GitHub - Maaikees/exploratory-testing: Resources for your Exploratory Testing with the Team journey

Katrina Clokie did a great TestBash talk on pairing A Pairing Experiment – Katrina Clokie | MoT

Keith’s talk How to Talk to a CIO About Software Testing (If You Really Have | MoT

Maaret https://twitter.com/maaretp

Elisabeth https://twitter.com/testobsessed

I’ll be here if there’s any left over questions, remarks, what have you…