Call for Contribution - Masterclasses

Do you have practical experience with a particular testing topic that you’d like to share with the testing community? You could become a Masterclass Specialist.

Masterclasses are our monthly software testing webinars presented by testing specialists on highly relevant topics. All our Masterclasses are 45 minutes long, with 15 minutes set aside for Q&A, allowing attendees to master new skills rapidly.

The live Masterclass webinars are open to all, whilst the Masterclass recordings are exclusively available to Ministry of Testing Pro Members to enjoy and learn from permanently.

Topics of Interest

There is interest from the community to have Masterclasses on the following topics:

  1. How to use AI to assist your testing.
  2. Beyond bug reports. Sharing a story and how they help with test reporting.
  3. First steps into people leadership and how to get there.

Could you spend 45 minutes sharing your experience and practical/real examples with an audience on one of these topics? Plus answer questions for 15 minutes.


You’ll receive £250 or you can choose to donate your fee to the Ministry of Testing Scholarship Fund.

Deadline to submit

Submit your Masterclass proposal by Friday 3rd March 2023.

Masterclasses are planned for the last Tuesday of each month. These slots are currently available:

  • Tuesday 25 April 2023 at 8pm BST
  • Tuesday 30 May 2023 at 8pm BST
  • Tuesday 27 June 2023 at 8pm BST

Share your idea

Complete the following form as best as you can – we’re looking for “good enough” right now. Your idea doesn’t have to be the final version, we can work on it together if MoT decides your idea is a good fit for one of the topics of interest.

We very much welcome and encourage diversity of Masterclass Specialists – as we do with all speakers at Ministry of Testing events. We actively amplify the voices of those who are underrepresented in the testing community.

At this stage, we’re not accepting submissions from tool vendors and service providers.