Can you share your experience with testing low code products?

I am looking for how you would characterize the challenges when testing low code products. This probably makes more sense if you have worked with these type of products.

These are products like Salesforce, where you can create apps on that platform. The apps have workflow, UI and other features.

What are the challenges if you are a growing company and testing such products?

@nilanjanb To go through End to End flow you can use Selenium(or any another testing tool) . So you start from Page 1 , fill form etc.

Now salesforce provided SOQL queries, means in salesforce everything is saved in objects and while writing queries you can easily validate .

Use developer console to run soql queries.

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low code

Here are my experiences with a low code workflow management system. About 90 % of the development was click and point. For difficult situations a programming language was used.

  • screen: early verification is posible on look and feel. It was even possible to check the field validations.
  • screen flow: early verification is also possible, but it had a low product risk.
  • unit tests were very difficult. Some code was hanging under the screen. I could not figure out a simple way to automatically test this.
    If you are lucky, there is a special tool cooperates with the low code development system.
  • API test automation was mainly used by the developers.
  • GUI end to end test automation had the most impact. Small test cases were difficult to set up. Because Customer Data and Process Data were intertwined, test data injection in the database was difficult. If I would change the Customer Data, how would I have to adjust the Process Data?
  • Exploratory testing was useful. I also had a look at the logs and database.