When to use low code or no code or codeless automation tools?

I admit that I hate automation tools which are basically low code, no code or codeless (or whichever marketing term they use now for such tools). The main reason is the lack of flexibility. Another reason is that they mimic many programming constructs and its like learning another programming language which uses GUI elements instead of text. GUI might make automation seem easier, but it forces you to express yourself in a very restricted way. It feels like you serve the tool (maker), instead of the tool serving you.

Maybe there are some cases when you can use such tools. Do you know any such cases?

PS -

Is it possible to use only such tools forever in a growing company? If they are so great, as their marketing people make them seem, then why aren’t companies like Google, Amazon, Ebay etc. using only low code tools for all of their testing needs? Why are they hiring automation experts when they can use such tools and save money?

I know that no code software development tools (not testing tools) are used to develop apps and that some of these apps might make some money. These apps might have nice GUI, but are rudimentary and like prototypes. I wonder if these tools can do better than that. Think of Craigslist as an example (which was not made with codeless tools). It is quite rudimentary and has not changed much for several years. However, it is actually helpful for many people and is still popular despite many alternatives. So, if your users find such apps acceptable, then you can use a codeless tools instead of hiring software engineers. Otherwise, you need engineers.

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