Career Development Framework advice needed

I am a newly promoted Principal who is undertaking a role as a Quality Assistance thought leader helping to embed a test driven mindset and processes into our software engineering department. All the Test Analysts are currently managed by their Feature Team Delivery Lead and so whilst i have access to them, I do not manage them directly. As part of the new Quality driven approach we are implementing as part of shifting the testing to the left is to update the current Test Analyst Job Descriptions, Career Development Framework and Job Requirement Skillset info.Does anyone have any suggestions on what i could include in the Career Development Framework for Junior, Mid and Senior roles to drive the change from them being a manual test analyst over to a more quality assistance, advocate, coaching type role??Any ideas of:

  1. Articles to read about this
  2. Videos to watch about this
  3. Actual things to include on the CDF itself

Any guidance or support very much appreciated. TIA


There might be something in this thread:

Or in this MoT article:


Some questions I’d ask myself and the company…

What are the reasons for separating the titles from the company perspective?

  • Is it financial incentives based on level?
  • Is it to give a person more freedom, responsibility, hardware/software logistics increase?
  • Is it that high-levels testers lead lower-level ones?
  • The company can’t recognize good testing from bad testing?
  • The risks are mishandled and current testing doesn’t work, so they try to manage testing differently?

What values does a company have to classify the people generally?

  • years of experience?
  • expertise?
  • other people’s recognition and respect?
  • great work done in a past project?
  • loud mouths and good presenters?
  • efficient, smart, fast, useful work?

What’s the ratio of incentive for the employee versus extra work to be done?

  • will the employee gain a 5% salary increase to do 50% more in volume or way higher intellectually stimulating work?
  • will the employee get higher stress at work or pressure?


  • who’s doing the evaluation? between themselves, their direct manager? persons within the project they work for? will the same manager evaluate all testers?
  • will the person doing the evaluation understand what they know and did in the past x months/years?
  • are all the testers in the same context? same product, same resources, same developers, same risks, similar missions?

Articles, after a quick search of some known/relevant interesting articles I’ve read before:

Great Resources – Magnifiant: exploring software testing - on elements of testing;

RST Methodology: "Responsible Tester" - Satisfice, Inc. - a RST classification;