Career Development Framework advice needed

I am a newly promoted Principal who is undertaking a role as a Quality Assistance thought leader helping to embed a test driven mindset and processes into our software engineering department. All the Test Analysts are currently managed by their Feature Team Delivery Lead and so whilst i have access to them, I do not manage them directly. As part of the new Quality driven approach we are implementing as part of shifting the testing to the left is to update the current Test Analyst Job Descriptions, Career Development Framework and Job Requirement Skillset info.Does anyone have any suggestions on what i could include in the Career Development Framework for Junior, Mid and Senior roles to drive the change from them being a manual test analyst over to a more quality assistance, advocate, coaching type role??Any ideas of:

  1. Articles to read about this
  2. Videos to watch about this
  3. Actual things to include on the CDF itself

Any guidance or support very much appreciated. TIA