Career Gap and Guidance

Hello Everyone :wave:

My name is Haseena

I’ve 4 years of testing experience and 6 years of career gap due to kids😩. Now I want to start back my career as a junior tester. I see there are lots of changes in testing trends and I have no idea how and where to start.

I have already started reading posts in MOT but still looking for guidance. Any Mums here who started their career after a long break? Any success stories?

Please pour your suggestions :pray:



My wife went back to work after a year break, due to the new-born. Everything went fine, she even changed companies. She got accepted as a senior again, so I don’t think you need to apply as a junior, after having a 4 years of XP. Just maybe take a few months (as much as you need) to remind yourself about testing related lore. Good luck!


Thanks for your reply @mirza . What about my 6 years career gap?? Do companies accept such huge career gaps?



Companies want (and should) you to do stuff so they can reach their goals.
If a company really focuses on the gap, it’s usually a red flag.

Of course, it can be a starting point of a conversation and you can then drive the talk towards your career management, skills, and experience, but if they really focus on the gap per se I would say it’s probably not a good company.


I agree with @joaofarias a company that puts too much attention to career gaps should be avoided, as it most likely a toxic environment where they look to exploit people as much as they can.


Hello Haseena,

There’s good advice here from Mirza and João.

As a former manager I don’t see the career gap as a big deal. If you worked at one test job for the six years, you would still need to learn new technologies and techniques to continue to contribute. And this sounds trite, but the reason why we test is because products are new or changing. So we’re always learning. You may be able to anticipate some of what a new employer needs, but there has to be learning on the job.

What you can do for the organization is what’s important. One thing that comes with experience (in both parenting and software development) is decision making. Typically time and resources are limited, so there’s too much to do. You have to decide on priorities. Can multitasking help, or is focus required? When is it better to ask for help or to push on through? A good hiring manager will recognize time management skills. And I would suggest preparing what you want to say about them before an interview.


Can’t help,but if you feel any good I am in the same boat with double the gap.
haven’t secured any roles.


thank you :+1:@joaofarias

thank you for clearing my doubt @hattori . yes i will prepare and make it clear for myself before any interview. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: :+1:


@mumseye i understand. this MoT really helpful and hope we will reach our goal. good luck.

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If they don’t, they are not a good company to work for imo :stuck_out_tongue:
If they ask about it, just tell them the truth. As long as you are determined to work, all should be fine.

Also good luck on your journey and keep us posted! :slight_smile: