Chaos Testing Resources

A while back, one of my company’s more senior types was wandering around our project area (he likes to wander around project areas and ask some challenging questions) when he stopped at my desk and asked me about Chaos Testing.

Popularized by companies like Netflix and their tool Simian Army, Chaos Testing (or Engineering) is a technique that simulates outages in your system, and sees how it reacts. (Crudely, you can think of this as walking around your server room and pulling a random cord and seeing what happens)

While I haven’t dived heavily into it, I do have a few resources that might be of use to others…does anyone have others?

A good general article to get you started:

Another list of resources that might be useful for getting started (I haven’t looked as heavily at this one):

Chaos Monkey (the successor to Simian Army) on Github to play around with:

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Hi @tybar. Thanks for the post. There’s some interesting stuff in here. We run a distributed real time data profiling platform and I’m keen to start looking at how we can incorporate some of these techniques (I haven’t yet) into our QA process. We’re looking at being able to introduce ideas like automated roadside assist to our product and that is going to significantly raise the bar for proving standards of availability (if you’re stuck in by the side of the road you REALLY want to know that your requests are getting through and getting actioned).

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Some great tools suggested today for this on

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