Interesting piece on Chaos Engineering

Though has been discussed in circles before as ‘anti-fragile’ and similar thought this was a nice oxymoron of Chaos Engineering

What do people here think? A fancy set of words that rehashes something old or a new discipline for the new era of computing?

I don’t know about it being new as some companies have been doing it for a while. If it is rehashed from older ideas the newer concept would to inject families into the production environment during normally operations hours.

I’ve used chaos monkey on our Saas application and ended finding a serious bug with our cloud providers load balancer. We wouldn’t​ have found that in the test environment

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For my money chaos engineering is a new name on an old technique, it’s defect injection testing for the kool kids. I think Netflix found an new application for defect injection and did it very well and made it part of their culture and created a science around it…which is great, it’s modernised a testing pattern which most people don’t do enough of anyway.

There are many ways of applying this in testing mentality without having to do it at the large network and architectural platform Netflix and others do, some may call that fuzzing. Regardless of your terminology, it’s all part of the same family of testing, which I would call defect injection.

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