Chromedrive issue when running npm run wdio

Hi I am hoping I can get some help with the following issue please

I am running: npm run wdio

I get the error shown in the image I have uploaded. I have tried several ways to try and update the chromedriver, but I am unsuccessful

Thank you in advance


Did you get to the bottom of this? I personally had no issue running the command.

Are you on a corporate network by any chance? What version of node are you using (I am on v20.12.2). Did you try manually installing the driver?

Hi I still haven’t managed to fix this yet. I am using a work machine as my personal PC died a few weeks ago. Do you think its the work machine config that is the issue?

This is now resolved. Thank you for your help. It was monitoring software causing the issue


Thank you, @chris_w for asking on The Club.

I’m glad to hear it’s now resolved.