Webdriver newbie question

Any webdriverio people here? I asked a question on their gitter but no one has gotten back to me yet I will copy paste here.
Hi all, I’m new to wdio and going through the tutorial on windows. In https://webdriver.io/docs/gettingstarted.html, it mentions “As we’re using Geckodriver, we need to override the default path (which uses the Selenium’s default of /wd/hub). Then, we’ll be ready to create your first spec file (or “test file”).”
Two problems here:
it doesn’t tell me how to install geckodriver , it’s not in the node_modules folder
it says override the default path but it doesn’t say what to override it to. the instructions are incomplete
The docs need to be updated to be clearer. Please guide me through this. If you tell me what to do, I can submit a PR to update the docs. I’ve already sent through a few PRs to update some commands.
Due to the 2 problems I said above, when I run the testrunner, it defaults to ChromeDriver and the test fails because of this: 2020-03-10T23:03:19.338Z ERROR @wdio/runner: Error: Failed to create session. It seems you are running a Selenium Standalone server and point to a wrong path. Please set ‘path: ‘/wd/hub’’ in your wd io.conf.js!
I will check tomorrow for any answers, thanks in advance. It would be good to actually get started with wdio as I am a manual tester hoping to learn new skills.

Never mind, I might be able to go through this:

Ignore me.

Always good to know that we are not alone when we struggle, I have found that the devops threads on stackoverflow tend to help me most as automation engineer. Because when you are deep in incomprehensible java, google is actually often worse that good. It’s going to depend a lot on what’s unique about Geckodriver and if it’s a well supported tool choice going forward for you. Does sound like the services are just not “registered”, and so running binaries becomes the fallback for your toolset.

Thanks @conrad.braam, indeed it’s good to know there are people struggling. It’s annoying when we spend half of our time figuring out HOW to do something instead of actually doing the task itself. I have also used stackoverflow and it has been helpful. The only thing I wish is for a ‘Follow a question’ type feature on that website. As you might know, there are sometimes old answers which no longer apply as technology is always advancing.

Yeah, I had a rant about that on stack overflow, mainly because I care about the way stackoverflow works, it cost me a lot of karma points. Which is ridiculous when as you say, so many answers are totally past their sell-by date.

I am currently getting my head into Appium so I try to dip into anything that says webdriver lately.

Hi @pwong
Have you set up your wdio config file correctly? What browser are you running your tests in? What are you trying to automate?
From your comment it sounds lie you need to go to your config file and update the runner

Thanks @mart1315, you can ignore me now since I am no longer exploring this. I just wanted to check if was potentially a tool I could use for automation but haven’t had the time to get back into it and probably won’t be any time soon. Thanks for your help though.