Python, Selenium and the case of the unelevated privilege winerror 740

(John) #1

The paranoia of writing up anything for people in the same profession is real. I can get into specifics if it’s helpful but this feels like a common issue, yet my attempts to research it, led to a dead end. Hopefully, someone recognizes it. My google fu up to and including working has failed me:)

Up until a couple of weeks back I had working tests with the following set up.
win7, python 3.7, Selenium they had been working for several months
When calling Chromedriver, “winerror 740” requires elevated permissions. I am a local admin on the system, the effective file permissions for python , chromedriver and selenium folders should allow everything

(I can also get it to work on my home machine,

at it’s simplest

Typing that into Python command line.

from selenium import webdriver
driver = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path = “c:/pytest/chromedriver.exe”)

soon as I enter that into the console, or it’s called by a test I get the 740 error as it can’t import webdriver, or if I import all of selenium, it can’t execute it
Ty in advance for any pointers