PyCharm environment - No Error, Execute file - Error

Programing language: Python
PyCharm: 2024.1.1 (Community Edition)
Python interpreter: 3.12.3
Selenium version: 4.21.0

I get a very odd bug
I am doing a Selenium test automation for login authentication.
everything work as it should when I launch the code under PyCharm environment:
PyCharm exit with code 0 and no error message.

I was then use PyInstaller package to convert my python code to into an execute fie and launch my code one more time as an execute file.

After that my program is still doing everything it’s supposed to do, but it also issues the following error when it finishes running:

Edge: [4860:15136:0531/]
Every renderer should have at least one task provided by a primary
task provider. If a “Renderer” fallback task is shown, it is a bug. If
you have repro steps, please file a new bug and tag it as a dependency

Chrome: Created TensorFlow Lite XNNPACK delegate for CPU.

Firefox: No program - issue no error.

I was trying to upgrade my PyCharm, Python interpreter and selenium to the currently (31/5/20024) latest version and I still have the same output.

Can someone help me with this very bizarre bug?
Thank you.

Why, do you convert your working “interpreted” python app into a binary? What business goal does pyinstaller satisfy that cannot be satisfied using the python virtual env or the python pip package installer?

I know that my comment won’t be really helpful and this is not what you’re looking for but anyway, probably you need to check that your drivers are correctly included and handled by PyInstaller and maybe try some debugging with more detailed logs, it may help to identify the root cause of these errors. It seems that errors are browser-specific and might not directly affect your Selenium test, but they show some issues with the task management and execution environment of the browsers when run from a packaged executable. My advice here - try to google or ask ChatGPT for help, there is plenty of info that might be helpful for you and only you can try different suggestions and find out what exactly will fix your problem. Hope you’ll find something :slight_smile: for me, this issue looks quite unusual, I believe not many people do same as you do with your code, so it might be a rare case