Looking for a coding buddy :)

Greetings from Montenegro :wave:

I’m here to find a Junior+/Middle Automation Tester with Python, so we could work together on the development of a ‘perfect’ Selenium/Pytest automation platform.

I’ve been working on my automation setup for over a year, and have some accomplishments, yet I see so many things in it that still need improvement that I feel obligated to team up with someone and split the work.

I guess this would be interesting for a person who is still actively working on the improvement of their automation setup.

So, if you feel like it’s about you, please, let me know :slight_smile:


…are we talking open github project or closed purpose built tool? Pytest is a bit primitive, which is probably why you are seeing a lot of gap. Async operations are a weak area in the language and in how pytest also works. If I were starting over and had loads of free time, I would look to a testing wrapper that integrates threading/events. But sadly stuck in a crazy paying job with other interests myself.

A purpose built tool.

What test runner would you suggest then because if there are better alternatives I’d gladly try them out :slight_smile: