WebdriverIO Tutorial for Beginners

Hi All,

I created a new YouTube channel called Automation Bro where I will be uploading new content each week related to Test automation, Programming, Quality Assurance etc…

My goal is to help some of you during this tough time by teaching you some of the skills I’ve acquired over the past few years working as a Test Automation Engineer in various organizations. I’m hoping these videos might help you get a new job or make you better in your existing one!

I’m currently working on the WebdriverIO tutorial series where I will cover topics around WebdriverIO intro, setup, writing tests, chai assertion, page object model and will also dive into reporting, integration with browser stack as well Jenkins.

I’ve uploaded the first few videos for you all, so please take a look and provide your honest feedback! If you like the content please make sure to like the video and also subscribe to my channel to get notified of my new videos.

Also, since this is a new channel, I’m open to ideas on different types of videos you’d like me to create.

Looking forward to seeing and chatting with some of you on my channel! :smile:

Automation Bro

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Welcome @automationbro :wave: I’ve added your YouTube channel to the Ministry of Testing YouTube feeds :slight_smile:

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