Covering multiple scenarios while writing test cases for software testing

I have heard a lot about covering multiple test scenarios while writing new test case. Is it really important. Please elaborate.

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Have you seen these other posts on the Club with a similar theme?

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Hi Heather
Thanks for update.
I was searching the content on the club for importance of multiple test scenarios. So I did not encounter above posts.

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Test Scenario or test condition is any situation or functionality that could be tested. Being a QA, we need to think from end user perspective to explore production level scenarios and use cases of the Software application for which testing need to be performed.

Test scenario Priority give an idea about how important the certain functionality is for the end user. The number of test scenarios required also depends upon the importance of the any module. For example, login to any application home page is important feature. So, to test the login, we include these much permutation and combinations: Correct username and password. Correct username and wrong password. Correct password and wrong username etc. Thus to validate the login functionality three test scenarios are required at least.

These test scenarios could be high level or low level depending upon the functionality, like login to any application is considered as major functionality and is a high level scenario. The low level scenarios cover,

  • How the text contents appear on login window
  • Check Username and password field

The concept of test scenario is important for the point of view of what to test and it is a thoughtful process that needs discussion related to any software application and its complete workflow functionality. In many software testing services provider with enormous project assignments, where subject matter experts are there for specific modules only, these brainstorming activity gives everyone an opportunity to go through and learn other modules and to discuss various scenarios that are very much required for that specific module.

Dividing the application test case into multiple test scenarios covers overall functionality and, it also helps to reduces repetition of test cases execution and complexity of application modules. Hope this information will be helpful for you.