Crowdsourced Testing - what do you think?

When I was in-between projects I signed up to a an provider of crowdsourced software testing. It was interesting and gave me exposure to button pushing testing but more importantly to other projects.

Has anyone done this as well and what was your experience like?

Has anyone or any company hired a firm for software testing like this and what was your experience?

  • when I wrote button pushing I meant following a detailed step by step test plan, that did not allow me to think but only look for what the expected result was. If it was outside that then a ticket was raised identifying a potential bug.

I typed a super lengthy one about my experience of this a while ago

I haven’t been accepting projects quite so much any more. Back then I had a better range of android devices (7 or something). Saver me is in the process of trading them in to one day own a house :joy: