Dallas meetup anyone?

(Randall) #1

With Ministry of Testing meetups popping up stateside (Boston, Atlanta, Portland) I’d love to get one started here in Dallas, the heart of silicon prairie. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

(Rosie) #2

Have you seen this about how we run our meetups? www.ministryoftesting.com/handbook/meetups/

(Abigail) #3

Hey Randall, have you met @melthetester? She isn’t in Dallas as much these days, but that is her home base and she may be able to connect some stuff up too. (yup Mel, more things to do! :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Melissa) #4

Yeah! More things! Honestly, this is exciting to hear! Feel free to message me Randall. I would be happy to help.

(Randall) #5

Thanks @rosie. I hadn’t seen the meetup info. Very helpful!

(Randall) #6

@melthetester glad to see other passionate folks excited about the prospect.