# Day 29: Choose a resource from the careers search result, share it and summarise any useful insights

It’s day 29! Today, we’re focusing on exploring career resources on the Ministry of Testing site, evaluating them and sharing valuable findings with each other. By exploring and summarizing the resources from the search result, we can discover new insights, spark discussions, and learn together.

Day 29 Task

  1. Review the list of career resources. Take some time to browse this list of resources from the Ministry of Testing site. These resources offer a variety of valuable insights, tips, and guidance related to software testing and career growth. Choose one resource that resonates with you or catches your interest.
  2. Dive into your chosen resource. Once you’ve selected a resource, dig into it by reading an article, watching a video, listening to a podcast, or exploring any other format provided. Pay attention to the main points, key takeaways, and any practical advice or strategies shared.
  3. Summarise your insights. After going through the resource, summarise the most valuable insights you gained from it. Condense the key points into a concise summary that highlights the key takeaways, recommendations, or actionable steps mentioned.
  4. Share the resource and your summary. Reply to this topic and share the chosen resource with the community, along with your summary of the insights. Provide a brief introduction to the resource, explaining why you chose it and any information you found valuable or interesting. If possible, include any personal reflections or connections you made between the resource and your own experiences.
  5. Read and engage with other members’ posts. Check out what fellow community members have been sharing and see if their perspectives align with your own experiences or provide new insights. If you find a summary helpful, give it a thumbs up to give them a boost or reply to share your thoughts on the subject matter.

Why complete this task?

  1. Discover valuable insights: Explore the list of career resources to learn new perspectives, strategies, and advice for software testing and career development. These resources are all co-created with members of the testing community.

  2. Diverse insights from multiple resources: By reading and engaging with summaries of different resources, you can gain exposure to a wide range of ideas and strategies that can deepen your understanding and broaden your skill set. Each resource may cover unique aspects or provide alternative approaches to career growth.

  3. Time-saving and efficient learning: Instead of having to go through each resource individually, you can quickly grasp the main points, key takeaways, and practical recommendations from multiple resources by reviewing community members’ condensed summaries.

  4. Identification of relevant resources: You can identify resources that are particularly relevant to your specific interests, goals, or challenges by reading others’ insights and recommendations. This helps you curate a customised learning list of valuable resources that you can refer to in the future.


I chose this resource: How To Break Into Software Testing | Ministry of Testing.
I chose this because the tittle catch my attention and because I want to change my career path.
The article is about some points that can help to break into testing, such as learn from others, self-learning, practicing, etc, also I liked it because
the autor share resources that can help us to learn more.
This article make me realize that there are a lot of resources and oportunities out there and it’s up to us to take advantage of these.


That is one handy list of resources! It’s chock full of useful learning material to explore. :mag_right:

I took @testingmuse’s excellent talk: The Most “Valuable” Talk Ever? and used it as inspiration for a newsletter article. So instead of me copying and pasting it here, feel free to head on over to the article for a summary of my insights: What’s Value Got To Do With It? Three Important Steps To Demonstrate Your Value

I also managed to watch it for reals at TestBashX Brighton back in March 2022. David’s an excellent presenter! :microphone:


As I was exploring this section one of the talks could resonate with was @kika 's talk.

Career Breaks and how they shaped my career.

For men or women career breaks are inevitable sometimes.
How to make use of that phase and navigate that path was demonstrated by her.
I loved it. Very balanced and nicely presented.


Ideas on How to Succeed as a Software Tester is a short article packed with ideas. It was written by Rosie Sherry, who I’m most familiar with for her community-building work.

Here are the biggest takeaways:

  1. "Not all good testers succeed. And not all testers who succeed are good. "

  2. “Success comes from looking within.” Find career options that engage and excite you. This will increase your feelings of success and satisfaction.

  3. Invest (money, time, and energy) in your success

  4. “Measure” your testing by progress, willingness to learn, project impact, and other internal indicators of growth

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Thanks for your kind words Mahathee! Glad you liked it :blush:

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