# Day 30: Reflect on what you've learnt during the 30 Days of Career Growth and share how you plan to apply it

Congratulations! :tada: You’ve reached Day 30 of :seedling:30 Days of Career Growth! :rocket:

Now it’s time to reflect on your journey and share how you plan to apply what you’ve learned. Over the past month, you’ve engaged in various tasks, explored resources, and shared experiences with the community. Today is an opportunity to consolidate your learning and create an actionable plan for applying your newfound knowledge in your career.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how many tasks you took part in, it’s your journey, and it’s important to do the tasks that work for you.

Day 30 Task

  1. What did you learn?
    Think about the tasks you completed, the resources you explored, and the discussions you had. What skills did you develop? What new perspectives did you gain? What tips and knowledge did you pick up?

  2. What were the most valuable takeaways?
    What were the most important things you learned over the 30 Days? What will have the biggest impact on your career? These could be specific skills, strategies, mindsets, or knowledge areas that you found particularly insightful or relevant to your career growth.

  3. How will you apply what you’ve learned?
    Set some SMART goals for how you plan to use your learning. Are your goals the same as what you set at the start of this month or has this experience added to them? What skills will you develop? What new roles will you pursue? How will you contribute to the software testing community?

  4. Share your plan with the community!
    Share your reflections, key takeaways, and goals with the community. This is a great opportunity to get feedback, support, and inspiration from others.

Why complete this task?

  1. Consolidate your learning. Reflecting on what you’ve learned over the 30 days helps you solidify your understanding and ensures that the lessons you’ve learned become linked to your context.
  2. Set goals and direction. Through reflection, you can identify the most valuable takeaways from 30 Days of Career Growth. This helps you set clear and actionable goals for how you plan to apply what you’ve learned in your career. Setting goals provides direction and motivates you to take concrete steps toward your desired outcomes.
  3. Enhance your career development. By reflecting on your learnings and setting goals, you’re actively investing in your career development. You’re aligning your actions with your aspirations, which increases the likelihood of achieving your professional objectives.
  4. Hold yourself accountable and stay committed. By publicly sharing your plan, you hold yourself accountable to follow through on your goals. The act of sharing your intentions with others adds a level of commitment and increases your commitment to taking action. It’s a powerful way to stay focused and motivated.

I’m extremely grateful to the community for working with us this month! It was a brilliant idea and I’m glad that I was able to participate each day.

I think that the most valuable takeaway that I have is to work at my own pace and enjoy this platform as much as I can. I’m learning to be grateful for all progress that I make in learning and participating in these events. I can’t do everything and that’s okay.


Thanks to the entire team who made this initiative possible.

It’s my first 30-day challenge.

For me an important takeaway or CTA is build my portfolio and work on basic testing skills.

There are plethora of resources to learn from.

But the attitude to learn is important.

Prioritize self-care and not burnout myself in this process.

Share what I learnt with the community often.

Take feedback to improve.

Learn->fail ->repeat-> iterate.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


This was my first 30 day challenge within this community, and I was genuinely pleased with the outcome.

Biggest takeaways:

  • Salary Negotiations
  • Set up a ‘brag document’ : Be your own hype man!
  • Personal development/Career Development is a long arc, marathon not a sprint.
  • Find inspiration where you can
  • Utilize your resources/connections
  • Always Be Learning
  • Be kind to yourself

I would encourage others to refine their goals and make them more actionable by including smaller sets of tasks within the larger task. One step at a time will get you across that line!

I definitely had a goal when I first started this challenge. Over the past 30 days I have refined that action plan around that goal, and am now very confident that I will meet or exceed my goal by EOY. I also feel less intimidated with my membership within this community, and feel this is far less of a ‘solo’ endeavor than previous.

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My biggest takeaway is that there is a world outside the company. I used to focus all my energy on the company, but it was really nice to share with and be inspired by the community. I have learnt that it is important to be committed to myself and to testing as a discipline, not just to my employer.

So my goal is to think more about what I want to do and from which direction I hear the calling and go for it. Also to share more with the community, probably starting by looking more at this club and responding to familiar topics. And later, create new topics if I feel like it. Then I will see what happens next :slight_smile:


For me one of the big takeaways was discovering that there are more “lone testers” out there and we all have similar issues with knowing if we’re really making progress and feeling isolated in our little single-person testing world.


Thanks MoT for putting this 30 Days of Career Growth together! :purple_heart:

  • This has encouraged me to check in with the MoT site more regularly, which I intend to try to keep up, even once the ‘30 days’ stabilisers are being removed!
  • I have enjoyed contributing to the daily tasks, and I want to contribute more to the other community chats, and to start my own too
  • I started a course (via my Pro licence) a couple of months back, and the ‘30 days’ activity helped keep the momentum up , plus I’ve started a couple of others and I’m collaborating on them with work colleagues, to spread the learning
  • Career growth & learning does take discipline - I’ve always had an eye on this but, after reflecting during these 30 days, i’m going to try to use my learning time, especially outside work hours, in a more effective and targeted way
  • Last week I promised @dianadromey i’d share my MoT love on the dedicated page - I said I’d do it from Italy but parties took over and it wouldn’t have been pretty, so that’s still coming soon!
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Hello at everyone.
This 30-days journey was very intersting. I think every day had something interesting to learn about testing and so let me not distinct something specific. I’m very gratefull to @simon_tomes because in day 10 he made a reply on how can i improve more my CV.
I’ll keep learning and practising on testing in order to improve my skills.
Thank you again to all of them.