Desktop Application learning resource and framework


We have an old claims system at work that we are looking to automate tests over the front end. The system is over 20 years old and the form objects are In VB. We have use of testcomplete desktop version which we have been learning with.

There mostly seems, to only be resources for selenium and very little on desktop applications. We are also not decided on a framework and I’ve not been able to find any good resources to read up on or watch.

Do any of you have good resources to learn the above. I would prefer video training however books will be fine.

The application runs through form to form as they set up the claim…with many different scenarios and different forms come up depending on selections and so on.

Hi There

We were using Sikuli, but found maintaining tests was becoming a big job.

We are now using Appium and winappdriver. Seems good so far.

Cheers Darryl