UI Automation Week Feb 2021 - Challenge 4 - Automate a Desktop Application (Intermediate)

This challenge is one of the UI automation week challenges that get you thinking about and practising UI automation. Our challenges offer activities for you to try out new tools, learn new skills and knowledge. Whether you are just starting out in UI automation or an expert looking to try out something new. We have the challenge for you.

Experience Level: Intermediate

Introduction: Not all UI automation projects or tasks involve automating Web UIs. There are times when we need skills to automate native applications that run on our desktop or laptops. So how do we go about automating them and how much can we rely on our existing skills?

Purpose: This activity will build on your knowledge of Web automation but focus it in a different context onto native applications. You’ll learn how to use the WinAppDriver and Selenium to drive a native app that runs on your machine rather than on the Web.


  1. Download an example application that can be used with WinAppDriver (You can find some example one’s here: WinAppDriver/ApplicationUnderTests at master · microsoft/WinAppDriver · GitHub)
  2. Automate a basic flow using WinAppDriver

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Submission Deadlines - If you’re doing the challenge in:

  • Java: Friday, the 19th of February 2021
  • Python: Monday, the 22nd of February 2021
  • JavaScript: Monday, the 22nd of February 2021
  • C#: Monday, the 22nd of February 2021