Automation Week October 2020 - Mark and Richard Live Stream Schedule

Mobile Automation
21st October, Wednesday: 12pm -1pm (UK Time)
Challenge Number 1-2 and hopefully 3.
Going to use Appium to try and complete these challenges.

Exploratory Testing Challenges
22nd October, Thursday: 4pm - 5pm (UK Time)
Hoping to explore MiTM Proxy and Chrome Debugger Protocol to solve challenge number 1.

Build A Pipeline Challenges
25th October, Sunday: 8pm - 9pm (UK Time)
Set up a new build using Github Actions

Javascript/React.js Automation
26th October, Monday: 11am - 12pm
Using React Testing Library to tackle the advanced challenge

Test Data
27th October, Tuesday: 4pm - 5pm
Using Java to implement the test data builder pattern, either via the APIs or straight to the DB.

Wild Card
28th October, Wednesday: 8pm - 9pm
You can choose which challenge we taken on and with which tooling! Comment below to cast your votes!

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Video from today -

After 70 minutes we finally got an emulator to start, and Appium installed and started the app!
We had to overcome lots of issues, download half the internet and get the support of an Appium Core developer who happened to be watching the stream, but we got there eventually!

Android SDK issues :white_check_mark:
Android ABD issues :white_check_mark:
Android Emulator issues :white_check_mark:
JAVA_HOME issues :white_check_mark:

We battled on though, and got much closer in these 70 minutes than we were before. I reckon with another 60minutes we’d get there!

A fun watch, lots of troubleshooting, my audio goes wrong at the end and you can hear how hard my mac is working, apologies for that.

Do you mean you’d have completed challenges 1, 2 and 3 with another 60 minutes? That’s really interesting. Means that 50%+ of your time would have been spent installing and setting up the tool.

Slight tangent, but our virtual machines at work were rebuilt recently and a lot of people were down for a day or more reinstalling tools. It’s something you don’t do often (ad-hoc when you want to try a new tool, but also when you change jobs/get a new machine) and I find people often underestimate how difficult setting up a development environment actually is.

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I reckon so.
Challenge 1 was added because I knew it would be challenging to get a working environment.
Then challenge one, for me personally, is straight forward as I just need to find the locators and send the commands.
Challenge 3 is a lot harder, but I’m ‘aware’ of what the commands are and with a bit of googling and trial and error I reckon I’d get there.

We’ll find out later tonight, as I intend to complete them :slight_smile:

I went again for another hour, I got further, but ran into a lot of issues with Waits. I didn’t really solve them, but I did make progress and completed challenge 1!

I did it! Completely challenge number 2!

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@mwinteringham and I took on the Exploratory Testing challenges earlier on our live stream.
We used MITM Proxy and Mockaroo.

A few early issues with SSL and configuring Firefox to show traffic, but once those were overcome we were away.
We created test data using Mockaroo, including some formulas to manipulate the data.


I picked up the last couple of Automation challenges to see how far I could get. Sunday night’s stream was focusing on the Build Pipeline:

Whilst today I was focusing on JS / React unit checking:

Today we completed the Test Data challenges.
We revisited Mockaroo, and then implemented the Data Builder Pattern in Java. Introduced a faker library, and discussed some tips on managing data.