What is Automation Week October 2020?

Automation week is a week focused on problem-based learning. Those problems are automation challenges and sessions where you get to ask experts for help with your automation problems.

All these challenges are part of Automation Week, a week-long initiative by the Ministry of Testing to get you all hands on with new tools within software testing. During Automation Week there will be 99-min workshops, Round Tables, Roleplay Talks, panels and experience reports of solving these challenges.

Taking Part

These challenges are open to everyone and we encourage you to share your experience. Start doing them now, so you have experiences and solutions to share from the 26th October. There are no restrictions on what tooling you can use to solve these challenges, in fact the more the better!

Share Your Experience

During Test.bash();, our automation focused conference on Thursday, 29th October, we’ll be inviting people to share their experience reports of completing a challenge. If you’d like to appear during the conference and share your experience please complete this form and let us know which challenge you’ve solved and some high level insight into your experience. Such as the tools you used.

Experience reports for these challenges will be done live on Thursday, 29th October sometime between 9am - 9pm UK time. Specific times slots will appear soon.

Not everyone will get to present, I’ll be picking experience reports to ensure we have diversity of tools and voices. Reports will be a max of 20 minutes, and you’ll be paid £100 for your time.

You can submit as many experience reports as you like, increase your chances of getting selected :slight_smile:

The deadline to submit your report is Sunday 25th October. You will then be contacted on Monday 26th October to confirm a slot for the 29th October at Test.bash(‘Online’);

Ways to Attend Test.bash();

Go Pro! Going Pro is the most affordable way to attend Test.bash();. You get this conference but you also get to attend everything MoT offers for the time you are Pro. Pro membership is £249.99, discounts available for teams, or there is a monthly option for individuals.

Or, you can buy a ticket just for this event for £75.

The Challenges

The challenges are broken down into areas, and each area has at least two challenges of varying difficulty.


Can you register for multiple challenges?

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YES! You can complete as many challenges as you like and submit as many experience reports as you wish :slight_smile:

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Woohooo!! Looking forward to it :dancer:

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What worries me is that of all the links… Web UI Automation has the most clicks. =D

So, that means you are going to tackle one of the other challenges and share your experience report at Test.bash();, right?


Hey all,

Undecided whether to take part or not? Maybe theres a challenge listed and you’d like to try but no idea where to start? Maybe you just want to share ideas and/or possibly learn something new?

I was thinking of trying the challenges for fun anyway and so thought, would anybody like to pair or even swarm on some of them?

If our report is picked that would be amazing, I dont want any part of the £100 and the other pair swarmers can have it or we can donate it back to the testing community for a holiday bash ticket or something?

If you want to team up or swarm you can message me here or via Twitter @11vlr.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @friendlytester, just wanted to confirm some information about experience reports. If I manage to accomplish a challenge…in which format should be the report? Should it be a video presentation?

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Experience reports for these challenges will be done live on Thursday, 29th October sometime between 9am - 9pm UK time. Specific times slots will appear soon.

When you complete the form just need to give a highlight of your approach tools and your report.
Then if selected, you’ll choose a slot and you would do your demo live on the Thursday.
We could also do a recording, if folk wanted to, but the current plan is to do them live.


Thanks to everyone who reached out to pair but I can no longer pair with anybody new who contacts me after this point as I might struggle to have time with my wife and kids when I finish work each evening :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:

Are there challenges to come in the future? I’m interested in doing this in the future

Absolutely, the next one is focused on Exploratory Testing.

Yeah, I found it after I wrote that comment :man_facepalming: Thanks!