Automation Week Challenges October 2020 - Exploratory Testing

All the following challenges are focused on using tools and scripts to assist your exploratory testing.

Automation Week

These challenges are part of Automation Week. Complete them for your chance to talk at Test.bash(); about your approach and experience.


The application for this challenge is the Restful Booker Platform. More about the application is available here. You can also ask questions related to the application there.

The Challenges:

Complete these challenges using any tooling of your choice.

  1. Test the reporting page when it believes that the system contains 1000 bookings across 10 rooms.
  2. Test how well the UI handles error codes returned from the APIs
  3. Find out if the system behaves correctly when the messaging API is turned off.

Tip. Think mocking, proxies and developer tools.


If you have any questions at all about this challenge, please post them below.

@mwinteringham and I took on these challenges earlier on our live stream. We used MITM Proxy and Mockaroo, you can watch it back here -

Link to the repo with the code for the exercises that I tried with WebDriver.IO mocking feature

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