Automation Week October 2020 Test Applications

Below are details of the applications being used for Automation Week. Please post any questions or issues you have with them below.


The product we are going to be automating and testing is Restful Booker Platform (RBP). RBP is an open source application created by Mark Winteringham to provide an automation playground. The product has been designed to allow people to practice database testing, unit testing, API testing, JS testing, UI testing in all their forms.

We’ve deployed four hosted environments you can use to complete the challenge, or, you should be able to run the application locally by following the instructions on the readme.

Instance 1 -

Instance 2 -

Instance 3 -

Instance 4 -


The app we are going to be automating and testing is the Sauce Labs Swaglabs app, which is open source and available on Github. Sauce have built this app to provide a playground for practicing all the common behaviour of mobile apps. It’s completely free, doesn’t track anything and you don’t need an account. Just install, and automate away! The main maintainer is Wim Selles, who has worked hard to make it as automatable as possible.

Android download

iOS download

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Do you have admin account logins that we can use for testing?

They are in the readme.
It’s ‘admin’ and ‘password’.
Very secure :grin:


Can the Swagger docs be viewed on one of the instances? Rather than pull down and run the app locally. i.e. http://localhost:3001/room/swagger-ui/index.html

Yes :slight_smile:

Change auth to the API you are interested in.

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Legend thanks @friendlytester