Automation Week Challenges October 2020 - Build Pipelines

All the following challenges are focused on CI, CD and Pipelines.

Automation Week

These challenges are part of Automation Week. Complete them for your chance to talk at Test.bash(); about your approach and experience.


The application for this challenge is the Restful Booker Application. More about the application is available here. You can also ask questions related to the application there.

The Challenges:

Complete these challenges using any tooling of your choice.

  1. Create a pipeline that builds the restful booker projects.
  2. Create a pipeline that builds the restful booker projects, and runs all the tests.
  3. Create a continuous deployment pipeline so that changes are immediately released when the build succeeds.

Tip: I’ve been meaning to checkout GitHub Actions. You could also look at CircleCI, Jenkins and many more. Share below what you are trying.


If you have any questions at all about this challenge, please post them below.

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Is this time-boxed?
what is the timeline (i might have missed ?) to complete this challenge, please?
Thank you.

If you want to submit to present your experience report at the Test.bash(); you really need to submit by Sunday 25th October. And make sure you are available at sometime on the 29th October to present your report.

If you have no interest in sharing your report, you have all the time in the world :slight_smile:


What do you mean with “and on iOS, Android or both”? Nothing in this challenge seems related to mobile.

Sorry Eddie, that is a copy and paste error. You’re correct, nothing to do with mobile.