MoT Bangalore: March 2021: Selenium 4 & Appium 2.0 By Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar needs no introduction!

If you wanted to learn about the latest and the greatest in Selenium and Appium,
this is the Meetup that you would want to attend! Don’t miss it. You can register at:

Looking forward to see you in the Meetup!

Thanks & Best Regards,
Venkat Ramakrishnan.

So, can I ask the 2 huge questions every tester is too scared to ask.

  1. When will selenium 4.0 reach general release?
  2. Why is “nobody” using Appium? Their support forum is pretty dead.
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Thanks for your question. I’ll try to get Manoj to answer these questions.

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Did not mean to really ask 2 questions at once, I’m only asking because I’m at a point where I can try moving to Appium 2.0 or even try a totally different tool that satisfies Android and IOS. But not finding many solid “free” contenders.

Not seen any reason not to just patiently wait for Selenium 4 to hit release. With the need to support multiple browsers, it still makes good sense to keep testing completely as an “in-house” job for as long as possible.